Production Updates

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UPDATED 5/12/2023


Moonlight Memorial Vol I - 3 Designs Delayed - May

 Remaining designs are almost done! There were delays due to covid outbreaks that hampered sample production and shipment. 


All designs below have finished quality check and are being shipped out in batches! Every pin came out absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for your patience for this huge collection!!

As for the rest of the designs, there are a few designs that had print errors that are being fixed, and all of the other products are finishing up with the final stages of production. Thank you for your patience!

List of pins still being fixed:

Mermaid Moon - Color issue
Black Moon - Print issue
Dark Pink & Purple Rose - Print issue


Crimson Trooper, Water Soldier, & both Aliens are being shipped out to me and set to arrive next week!

Banners are here!!

The Moonlight Memorial banners have arrived and are SO gorgeous!! Photos don't do justice, the quality and prints are amazing!

Stickers are also here and shipping out~!

Winter Pre-orders - Arrived

All winter pre-orders have arrived except for Witchy Moon. Unfortunately there was an issue with her enamel fill color and she was already shipped back to the manufacturer and being fixed quickly.

Shipments are being processed now! Shop update will be soon~


Halfcat P1 - Almost here - On the way!

**PLEASE NOTE** Halfcat shipment was delayed from my manufacturer. She is now arriving next week (5/14-5/20). If your order contains her she will be quickly shipped out to you upon arrival. Thank you so much for your patience!