Grading Policy

Please make sure that you have read and understood this policy before purchasing. I personally inspect all of my pins upon arrival from manufacturer, but it's important to note that these are handmade products so perfect pins are rare. I do not offer collector's grade pins, but I do take care when grading and try to provide the very best to my collectors!


If you are at any reason unhappy with the pin you received, please do contact me! ^^ Just make sure to include pictures of any issues.



Pre-orders will receive the best grade possible. Depending on the batch, your pin might have minor flaws. Sometimes this may be not typical to my usual standard grades if a batch is mostly flawed, but you will still receive the best available pin possible~!

Please note that the majority of my designs are not restocked and remakes are unlikely unless there is a major production error.  Pre-ordering ensures you receive the best available.


Standard Grade

May have small, barely noticeable of any of the following:

  • Marks, specks, or bubbles on the enamel or metal
  • Minor underfill or overfill of the enamel, or discolorations
  • Slightly off-center special effects such as screen printing or gemstones
  • Random off-color glitter or speck in a glitter area
  • Marks or scuffing only seen when held under certain lighting/tilting the pin
  • Any noticeable imperfections on the back of the pin or marks on the rubber backs
  • Imperfections in the screen printing, or a very small and insignificant area of screen printing missing (such as a hair dot in my chibi designs)
  • Soft enamel: specks caused by undercoating and/or dust trapped under the epoxy

B Grade

May have more noticeable of any of the above or following:

  • Small area missing screenprint, glitter effect, or enamel
  • May not include the matching backing card

C Grade

May have very noticeable of any of the above or following:

  • Incorrect color gemstone
  • Missing one post
  • May not include the matching backing card